500 cases for 1200th anniversary

published on: 03.07.2017

Suitcase manufacturer W.AG donates TWIST cases to the town of Geisa for its 1200th anniversary

Geisa, Wednesday, 28 June 2017. Four weeks prior to the beginning of the 1200th anniversary festivities of the town of Geisa between 28 July and 6 August, Mayor Martin Henkel and the festival committee visited the plastic case manufacturer W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH. To promote the newly released chronicle of the town, the internationally renowned suitcase manufacturer donated a limited series of 500 anniversary cases worth 9,000 Euro. 

“In January, chairman of the festival committee Mr. Nothe and I were looking for sponsors for our 1200th anniversary celebration of the town of Geisa”, said Mayor Martin Henkel. “We quickly got into conversation with W.AG and were offered a monetary donation and individual TWIST cases for storing our new chronicle. We were very excited about the idea of developing a plastic case specially designed for our anniversary celebration with W.AG.”

Limited anniversary cases for 500 chronicles

The town’s chronicle, published in an edition of 1,000 copies, is offered as a limited edition in 500 cases. “We thought about how we could contribute to the anniversary celebration of the town of Geisa and had the idea to donate 500 individual TWIST cases”, Konrad Goldbach, Managing Director of W.AG explained. Sales Manager Bertram Göb added, “as a local company, we feel very connected with the town and region, and it was very important for us to support the town with something special.”

1200 years Geisa motif on W.AG’s new case

Mario Nothe and Markus Glotzbach, Marketing Manager of W.AG, worked together closely on the design and were noticeably proud when finally presenting the anniversary case to those present. The TWIST case, anthracite in colour, is fitted with pure orange clasps to match the anniversary logo. The double-sided decoration through an advanced in-mould labelling process in which the PP films of photo-quality merge with the case half-shell during the production process, made it a real eye-catcher.

A town panorama with the anniversary logo is on the front of the case; the back is in the new corporate design of the plastic case manufacturer, with the new logo of W.AG Funktion + Design featuring on a case for the first time. A perfectly fitting milled inlay with individual laser engraving was designed for the chronicle and finished with the engraving of “1200 years of Geisa” and the town’s web address. “I cannot remember any other city or town having such exclusive packaging for their chronicle”, said Mr. Goldbach.

A glimpse of the world of plastic cases at the second largest employer in Geisa

Mayor Martin Henkel together with the festival committee and journalists took the opportunity of a company tour to have a look at the plastic case manufacturer’s production and remarked: “W.AG is a great example of good development of our business sector and is now – with 140 employees – the second largest employer and largest taxpayer in Geisa”. Konrad Goldbach expressed his thanks for the constantly good cooperation between the town’s administration and W.AG Funktion + Design and reported that in the year 2016 over 2.3 million cases were produced at the Geisa site, for customers in 48 countries around the globe. To further strengthen the production site, reconstruction work and expansion investments were said to be in the implementation phase which was to be finalised in the coming weeks.