2018 catalogue now available

published on: 13.02.2018

New IML feature and other models with IML available!

The 2018 catalogue from case manufacturer W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH is hot off the presses with up-to-date information from the plastic case world and is now immediately available as a print version or digitally. The new catalogue format, which was introduced for testing purposes in the summer of 2017 as part of the 25th anniversary celebration was maintaned because readers liked it.

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Stable with brilliant photo printing

published on: 08.12.2017

Manufacturer W.AG presents the first IML-capable HEAVY type heavy-duty cases

With in-mould labelling (IML), W.AG currently has the most innovative printing technology for visual enhancement of plastic case casings in its portfolio. Due to the growing demand, the Geisa-based company is now also offering this process for the first heavy-duty cases in its HEAVY series. This will especially benefit manufacturers who require reliable and prestigious transport packaging for larger equipment, complete equipment sets and heavy tools.

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A future together – W.AG turns 25

published on: 11.11.2017

W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH commemorated its 25th anniversary with three days of celebrations

Plastic Case manufacturer W.AG’s anniversary celebrations took place on 6-8 September 2017.  On Wednesday 6 September, the guests were welcomed with an evening function and a pleasant get-together at Hotel-Restaurant Bachmühle in Fulda. The highlight of the evening was the comedy waiter Ullich Steybe disguised as a member of  the Bachmühle staff. Steybe’s pantomime and non-verbal antics made the international guests laugh and created a relaxed atmosphere. The excellent meal of great food and refreshing beverages was rounded off by a dessert served originally in the W.AG’s own BEAT plastic cases.

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Into the future with a new corporate design

published on: 26.07.2017

For its 25th anniversary, the company W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH is relaunching the company logo

Having started with the development phase in October 2016 and reaching the final on 24/07/2017, the new corporate design of the plastic case manufacturer W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH is quite impressive. In recent months, numerous project meetings were held to work on the evolution of the previous W.AG logo in collaboration with the Fulda advertising agency fritschundfreunde.

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500 cases for 1200th anniversary

published on: 03.07.2017

Suitcase manufacturer W.AG donates TWIST cases to the town of Geisa for its 1200th anniversary

Geisa, Wednesday, 28 June 2017. Four weeks prior to the beginning of the 1200th anniversary festivities of the town of Geisa between 28 July and 6 August, Mayor Martin Henkel and the festival committee visited the plastic case manufacturer W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH. To promote the newly released chronicle of the town, the internationally renowned suitcase manufacturer donated a limited series of 500 anniversary cases worth 9,000 Euro.

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School cone festival with TEKNO case

published on: 29.06.2017

W.AG donates plastic cases to St. Josef nursery school in Borsch

On 13/06/2017 the nursery school-teachers dismissed their preschool children with the traditional school cone festival, a day not only dedicated to the children, but also to parents and teachers.

In addition to a cosy get-together and tasty food from the grill, the children of the “Mäuschen” group led by Mrs. Julia Völker presented a programme especially rehearsed for the parents. The parents in turn used the opportunity to thank the nursery school-teachers for their work.

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Improvement and optimisation of delivery and dispatch conditions

published on: 23.06.2017

At the beginning of June, W.AG started further expansion and optimisation at Geisa.

The construction and integration of another loading dock allows more flexibility during deliveries and dispatch of goods. “With the second loading dock, we prevent congestion at pick up and dispatch”, says Tobias Becker, Head of Logistics at W.AG. “This expansion also benefits freight forwarding companies, as we can process the dispatch and delivery of goods faster.”

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New know-how for inlay drawings

published on: 19.04.2017

In April 2017, the prototyping department spent several days on a training course on foam inlays.

The emphasis of this training for the W.AG inlay designers was the creation of complex milled inlays. Because in practice, the use of hard foam for milled foam inlays often makes for easier implementation of complex inlay designs requested by the customer and offers optimal results.

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More warehouse capacity for Geisa

published on: 17.03.2017

W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH boosts Geisa with further investments

To further strengthen the production facility in Geisa, the case manufacturer W.AG invested in the construction of two new warehouses for increased production space and storage capacity for granule, foam and injection moulding tools.

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Case manufacturer W.AG distinguished by kununu

published on: 09.03.2017

W.AG bears the quality seals TOP COMPANY and OPEN COMPANY

W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH bears the kununu quality seals TOP COMPANY and OPEN COMPANY since March 2017. The leading employer evaluation platform distinguishes employers who demonstrate high employee satisfaction and readiness in dialogue with a quality seal.

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