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New management team lays the foundation for further growth

The PSI Journal reported about the in-mould labeling with Digimarc function and the new management of W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH

With its in-mould labelling, W.AG has an innovative decoration process for the optical customisation of plastic suitcases in its portfolio. In order to give its customers the opportunity to equip their suitcases with even more intelligence and information, W.AG is now also linking the deco process to the Digimarc barcode.

In November 2018 sales expert Bertram Göb and injection moulding expert Christof Hanschke took over the management of the plastic case manufacturer W.AG. With intelligent process optimisations, strategic technology investments and an expansion of sales activities, they are currently preparing the company for further growth in the European markets.



High-quality tools and gauges securely packed (0327)

Technical Press Releases at

W.AG Funktion + Design plans to exhibit its broad portfolio of case solutions. By way of a highlight, the company will be presenting the new Heavy 4054 case size from an established line of products. This new case size is claimed to satisfy the highest demands of transport packaging for heavy and large products.


New plastic case innovations NEWS for SENSOR+TEST 2011

At the trade fair SENSOR + TEST 2011 W.AG presents its entire range of attractive plastic case solutions. You will see the new case line BEAT with its 30 different sizes at their booth 131 in hall 12. Another highlight will be the presentation of the new case size HEAVY 4054.


Valuable measurement technology securely packed

MSR Magazine_fair edition SENSOR + TEST 2011

W.AG shows its broad range of case solutions at the measurement trade fair SENSOR + TEST 2011. Visitors can learn about the new, 30 case sizes comprehensive, product range BEAT. Another highlight will be the presentation of the new case size HEAVY 4054.


BEAT – the unBEATable versatile cases for small parts


BEAT – this is the expressive name of the new case line by W. AG Funktion + Design. As it can be guessed from its name, this case solution of W. AG also offers unBEATable, as well as a number of cross-industry applications and design options.


Case packaging of W.AG – The business card for your company

Messe Direkt _ Interpack Düsseldorf – Issue

Whether on advertisements, posters, clothing, business documents or by clever product placement … Traders are always looking for new media on which they can place their company message. So it was only a matter of time that transport packagings come out of the shadow in order to develop to strong advertising media.


Durable case packaging for small parts

CAV chemie anlagen verfahren

An environmentally friendly alternative for plastic film packaging, which can´t be opened without the risk of injury.


Permanently usable product packaging

etz Elektrotechnik + Automation

The packaging solution BEAT is a great product packaging in contrast to many conventional packagings. After opening, BEAT is still reusable.


High quality cases


The brand new pulse monitor device, the bit set or the high quality measurement tool were just ordered, but arriving at home, the anticipation for the newly acquired product has gone lost to an endless packaging frustration.
Meant in this case are stubborn plastic film packagings, which cannot be opened without the risk of injury.

W. AG Funktion + Design counteracts with a completely new and innovative packaging solution – the BEAT product line.


Small cases vs. packaging frustration


The brand new pulse monitor device was just ordered, but arriving at home, the anticipation for the newly acquired product has gone lost to an endless packaging frustration.
Meant in this case are stubborn plastic film packagings, which cannot be opened without the risk of injury.

W.AG Funktion + Design counteracts with a completely new and innovative packaging solution – the BEAT product line.


Small cases

The packaging solution “BEAT” of W.AG Funktion + Design is a durable and elegant product packaging. This product line is still being reusable and therefore much environmental friendly.


Market advantage through innovative plastic packaging

While the case packaging was given little attention until a few years, the opposite is now widely held – justifiably! A plastic case, like the new case line JAZZ of W. AG, offers especially in those current difficult economic situation important features like “protection”, “handling” and “mobility” a significant addition for many products: the multiusing. …


Injection-moulded cases – high stability and optimum function

Industrieanzeiger 12/2009

The new injection-moulded case JAZZ is characterized by its high stability, perfect function and technical look. This case offers many space and a broad overview. With flexible punched divider and bottom plates JAZZ can be divided and arranged individually with foam inlay or clips and rubber band.


Saver with variable cover

Produktion No. 1/2

The variable cover prevent pieces to fall out and protect them for splash water and dirt. Easy removing and opening turn the box into the perfect transport box “FOX”.


New case line

technik+Einkauf 05-08

W.AG enlarges the assortment and presents the new and innovative case line JAZZ. JAZZ can be included with punched dividers and bottom plates. In combination with individual foams, JAZZ offers a multiplicity of possibilities.


Day of open door

WA report no. 259

On 4th and 5th of September W.AG invited the international and national customers to guided company tours, interessting lectures, common entertainment and a following day of open doors with music and lots of fun.


Closed dancing

dedica 4/2008

W.AG Funktion + Design has improved the 3 biggest sizes of there case line SALSA. With better clasps the function and handling could be upgraded.


Strong double


The light and electronic expert HELLA presented on Automechanika 2008 some of his data and diagnostic systems. These items was presented and are sold in a TEKNO case solution from W.AG.


New case line JAZZ

DIY 8, 2008

The german magazin “DIY” a publication for do-it-yourself branch described the new case line JAZZ from W.AG Funktion + Design. This case line is at the moment available in one size. Until the end of the year 2 further case sizes should be developed. More information about JAZZ can be found under the point products.


Inner value included

W.AG developed a new case line and offers with the new JAZZ a perfect option to pack promotion items in different ways.


New case line

PBS report 2008

The PBS report, a german publication for the office and stationary branch, mentioned the new case line JAZZ from W.AG in his number for August. The new case line is available in 1 size and will got 2 further sizes until the end of the year.


Plastic Magazin 2008

The Plastic Industrie in middle Germany

Tools and measurement products are vetry sensitive and needs protection but also comfortable handling and good transportation possibilities. Plastic cases from W.AG are the perfect packaging solution for such items. With attractive designs W.AG is the specialist for plastic cases.


On the way to customer!

Business Partner PBS 07-08/2008

W.AG invited customers to join there Roadshow in Hamburg in a hanseatic environment. New products and all case lines were shown and the customer and interested visitors could lern much about the injection moulding screen printing and foam inlay production. Also a lecture about modern design was from interest.


secure packaging

Scope Nr. 2. Feb. 2008

Tools have a huge amount of requirements on its packaging. W.AG Funktion + Design as a original producer of plastic cases has the perfect solutions for tool packagings.


Fair news HEAVY service case

W.AG Funktion + Design presents the first time on Practical World 2008 in Cologne the new HEAVY service case. A combination of the plastic case HEAVY and accessory for individual arrangement. Perfect for all craftmen and technicans.

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