Colourful, scratch-proof and long-lasting

published on: 24.07.2015

The case specialist W.AG presents the advantages of the in-mould labelling in the FachPack 2015

The German company W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH is considered to be a premium manufacturer of high-quality plastic case and complete solutions for plastic cases. With in-mould labelling (IML), the company offers to its customers the currently most innovative printing process for the optical refinement of case covers. Unlike the traditional printing and labelling methods, the labelling takes place directly in the injection moulding machine in this printing technology: PP foils that are printed in the offset procedure beforehand are inserted in the open injection mould in a fully automated process and put in the outer side of the warm half shells synchronously with each mould filling.

The effect of this technically sophisticated method is stunning. The four-colour photo printing is not only brilliant and scratch-proof but also forms a fixed unit with the case after cooling. It is not only sensitive to moisture and temperature but also resistant to UV rays and mechanical abrasion and does not have any of the common disadvantages of the traditional adhesive labels: No flaking, no yellowing, no slips, no reflecting surfaces.

In the in-mould labelling, the cases by W.AG get a long-lasting and vibrantly coloured colour print of highest quality. Therefore, the IML is designed for the realisation of high-quality product branding. Branding and advertising messages have bright-coloured and high-contrast images; on the other hand, safety and application technical information is inseparably “affixed” on the case. In spite of everything, the IML is surprisingly economic and is already used economically for small quantities of cases.

At their stand no. 432 in hall 5 at the FachPack 2015 in Nuremberg, W.AG displays a number of in-mould labelling finished cases, which were realised on behalf of clients from various industries. New feature of that is that the company not only offers the innovative printing process for its top seller TEKNO, its lean plastic cases of the BEAT series and the MAMBO boxes that are agreed to in the small product-presentations. But also offers immediately the tough multi-purpose case of the JAZZ series and the elegant design boxes from the SWING class. W.AG also has the traditional screen and pad printing programme as an alternative for the in-mould labelling.


Press Information-in-mould labelling

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