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Digimarc Corporation is a pioneer in the automatic identification of everyday objects such as product packaging and virtually any media, including print, images and audio.

Based on the patented Intuitive Computing Platform (ICP™), Digimarc provides innovative and comprehensive automatic recognition technologies to simplify search, and transform information discovery through unparalleled reliability, efficiency and security. Digimarc Barcode is a proprietary method for imperceptibly enhancing packaging, images and audio with data. As a digital watermark the Digimarc Barcode can be applied across the entire product packaging.

This is how Digimarc Barcode works:

dw barcode german diagram

  • The Digimarc Barcodes are applied to the digital art files via Digimarc software; no special inks or printing methods are needed.
  • Once printed, the enhanced packaging can be scanned by consumer smartphones, point-of-sale scanners, and other fixed camera systems, connecting to content or IT systems.#
  • Detection is powered by low-cost, easy-to-deploy software development kits (SDKs).


Digimarc is based in Beaverton, Oregon (U.S.), with technologies deployed by major retailers and consumer brands, global banks, U.S. states, film companies and professional sports franchises, among others. Find more information about our Barcode of Everything™ on und follow us @digimarc (Twitter, Instagram und Facebook).



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