Interview with Leon Stehling – Trainee industrial clerk

Why did you apply to W.AG?

There are many reasons why I applied for a job at W.AG.

It all started when I went to the employment agency to find out more. We came across W.AG, whereupon I went to the homepage to find out what exactly W.AG does. As both the products and the individual entries on the homepage seemed quite interesting to me, I decided to take a closer look at the whole thing. It was therefore convenient for me that W.AG was an exhibitor at our school’s internal apprenticeship fair and I was able to talk to the trainers there. They came across as very friendly and open-minded, which I found very appealing. The final point was, of course, that my journey to the company was not particularly long. This is particularly important for younger people like me who don’t have a car.

Which departments have you worked in? What does your daily work involve?

In our three-year training programme, you go through all the relevant departments for an industrial clerk. So far, this has included domestic and export sales as well as domestic order processing. However, as I’m still at the beginning of my apprenticeship, I’ll be joining departments such as Purchasing, Shipping, Controlling and many more during the course of my training. My tasks are wide-ranging so that I can gain as much experience as possible.

In sales, as well as writing quotations and calculating prices, you also have tasks such as managing projects. The projects are then managed from start to finish, i.e. from contact, through the sampling phase to the preparation of quotations and the final order. These orders can then be further processed in order processing. The order received, including the articles, is created and managed until the goods are dispatched.

What do you particularly enjoy about your work?

I particularly enjoyed working in the sales department. I found it very interesting to supervise the individual projects. Writing the quotations and independently clarifying with the customer what is required is a daily challenge. It never gets boring because you never run out of work. But I also enjoy the contact with my colleagues every day. No matter how stressful a day may be, your colleagues are always there and have a few jokes with you, so that the fun at work is never lost. This is also reflected in the flat hierarchies that you notice here, which, among other things, ensure that I simply feel comfortable here when I’m at work.

What characterises W.AG? Would you recommend an apprenticeship at W.AG?


In my opinion, W.AG is characterised by the fact that the training here is very transparent. By this I mean that you know exactly where you stand at all times. For example, assessment interviews are held at the end of each department, where you are given an external view of your performance. This allows you to check whether you are assessing yourself correctly and whether your own opinion matches that of the department.

If there is a discrepancy between the two views, the reasons for this are briefly discussed. Through these discussions, many suggestions for improvement are made, which in turn are helpful for future departments.

What is your relationship like with the trainers and the other trainees?

So far, I have absolutely no complaints. I get on very well with my fellow trainees, whether in the trainee projects or in normal working life. I was also integrated into our training team as soon as I started my apprenticeship. We usually spend our lunch breaks together, going out to eat with everyone or enjoying the weather outside. I think it all works so well mainly because our training team is quite young and dynamic. Logically, this starts with us trainees and continues through to the trainers. This means we are all on the same level and can have a good time together, which in turn strengthens the sense of togetherness and contributes to good teamwork.






What are your chances of being taken on?



Off the top of my head, I would say definitely very good! We actually take on every trainee who performs well during their training. If I look at the past few years, this emphasises my statement. In recent years, every trainee has always been taken on in the department of their choice.