Improvement and optimisation of delivery and dispatch conditions

published on: 23.06.2017

At the beginning of June, W.AG started further expansion and optimisation at Geisa.

The construction and integration of another loading dock allows more flexibility during deliveries and dispatch of goods. “With the second loading dock, we prevent congestion at pick up and dispatch”, says Tobias Becker, Head of Logistics at W.AG. “This expansion also benefits freight forwarding companies, as we can process the dispatch and delivery of goods faster.”

In addition to the new loading bay and dock, the entire delivery area will be paved and the surrounding area of the new loading dock expanded. “The previous layout of the area is not adequate for the new loading dock. That’s why we have expanded the delivery area, to allow the truck drivers to easily reverse up to the loading dock”, Mr. Becker comments and seems very satisfied with the optimisation measures.