The appropriate case for every sector. Every case a new world.

Every industrial sector has its special requirements for professional product packaging. The prerequisites often vary in the criteria of form / appearance, colour and design, product safety, usability and presentation.

Due to our large product portfolio with nearly 100 injection moulding case types in 6 attractive series, we provide production companies, educational institutes, research institutes and administrative organizations, etc., the right products for their respective needs. As a result, W.AG sees itself as a strong partner in a wide variety of B2B and B2A sectors.

This site is intented to provide you a rough overview of the industries served by W.AG products.

Measuring Instruments | Optics | Precision Engineering

High-quality measuring instruments and sensitive devices require safe transport and reliable product protection. Our case solutions convince with safe storage of measuring equipment and provide comfortable handling during mobile applications.

Medical Technology | Pharmaceutical | Dental

Sensitive medical and dental instruments require a protective packaging solution. Cases made to your specifications provide simple, comfortable assembly and removal of contents, as well as optimal product protection during transport.

Tools | Machine Parts | Power Tools

Combined with individual foam and / or deep-drawn inserts, our plastic cases and plastic boxes ensure reliable protection for tools and machine parts, even under the toughest conditions. Craftsmen and service technicians value our solutions as a rugged and easy-to-transport packaging for daily use.

Health | Lifestyle | Leisure

Today, more and more people are focusing on their health, hobbies, interests and passions. Therefore, tools for the important things in life should be stored in a protective case that acts as a protective companion.

Learning | Education | IT

Many experiment and learning sets as well as IT hardware often contain a wealth of parts, accessories or instructions. Our cases can be equipped with inlays and pocket solutions to keep your contents organized. Individual screen print or IML on the outside let our cases look great and appeal to every age group

Security | Protection | Defence

Our case solutions are professional bodyguards for your high quality and sensitive products. Radio equipment, camera equipment, etc. can be reliably packed in daily use with tailor-made foam inserts and sturdy cases made by W.AG. Our cases and inlays absorb impacts and reliably hold the contents in place.

Agriculture, Forest Management and Farming

From seed to harvest, from the meadow to the forest - farmers and forestry workers require important technical and craft equipment such as goggles, IoT equipment. This requires protective case solutions to protect the items from sun and rain and to guarantee safe transport.

Other Sectors

Give-aways, electronic aircrafts, toys, etc. also need a secure storage location and a professional product presentation. Transparent cases and optional features such as dividers or a trolley provide your packaged products the decisive added value.

8 unique W.AG benefits

  • 1 Over 25 years experience - made in Germany
  • 2 Customer-specific consultation directly on-site
  • 3 Large selection of case sizes and colours
  • 4 Sampling according to your requirements and wishes
  • 5 Individual interior design using foam inlays, for example
  • 6 Exterior design of the plastic case in your corporate design
  • 7 Consolidated development, production and processing
  • 8 Custom single-source case solutions

Any questions? We would be happy to advise you.

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