Premiere of PURELINE and ORGANICLINE at the FachPack 2019

published on: 30.09.2019

Case manufacturer W.AG Funktion + Design presented the new product lines in Nuremberg

This year’s FachPack celebrated its 40th anniversary, a special event not only for the trade fair organizer, but also for the German case manufacturer W.AG. The W.AG team presented the new PURELINE and ORGANICLINE products to the public for the first time. From September 24 to 26, 2019 visitors were able to convince themselves of the new material variations in hall 7 booth 310.

Two product lines – one decision

With PURELINE W.AG  presented the classic and proven cases and boxes made of pure polypropylene (PP), which W.AG has already been implementing for years. W.AG’s PP products are free from harmful pollutants such as  cadmium, lead or PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). PURELINE products are completely recyclable to regranulate due to the pure grade PPs. The regranulate can, in turn, be manufactured into new products by various industries.

With their innovative mix of materials, W.AG created the new ORGANICLINE from glucose, natural waxes, minerals and natural fibers. ORGANICLINE products can be made from up to 93 % renewable raw materials, depending on the case and box size. The ORGANICLINE material is based on glucose derived from sugar beet and sugarcane, a technical sugar that does not compete with food production. By using this special compound, a closed CO2 cycle is created, since the carbon required for material production is derived from the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and subsequent thermal utilization is CO2-neutral.

A booth concept conforming to materials

To emphasize the campaign headline “Join us on our journey to responsibility”, W.AG always leaves the selection of material to be implemented for one’s case or box, up to the customer. The exhibition booth was created analogously to this basic idea: on the left side, visitors were able to see the exhibits of the PURELINE and, on the right, the ORGANICLINE exhibits. All W.AG cases and box series were displayed on both sides. The visitor thus had the choice of which side they preferred to look at first. The ORGANICLINE segment highlighted a TWIST case with real grass growing in the lower shell and a digital picture frame featuring a presentation with information about the new ORGANICLINE in the upper shell. The complete realization of the appealing foam-insert and the sophisticated interior was realized by the W.AG in-house construction and pattern-building departments.

Concept study: inlay alternative

W.AG conducted a concept study to present a first approach towards a sustainable alternative for inlays: fiber-cast inlays made from recycled paper and cardboard production waste. The fiber-cast inlays are 100 % recyclable, without pollutants, partially water-repellent and, depending on the design, display high stability. Now, after the first step in the “case material” field, W.AG is planning the next step in “case inlay material” and is looking for the ideal sustainable solution.

This year’s FachPack was very successful for the W.AG team and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors for expressing thier high level of interest in our product lines, as well as for the fascinating conversations and positive discussions.



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