Premium manufacturer commits to sustainability

published on: 01.08.2019

At the Fachpack 2019, W.AG will be presenting new case innovations made from alternative materials

The renowned design case manufacturer W.AG has expanded its portfolio after extending its production spectrum for alternative materials. Environment conscious customers now have the choice between plastic cases made from pure grade, recyclable polypropylene (PP) or an environmentally friendly composite material. This supports and facilitates the implementation of holisticaly sustainable concepts. At this year’s Fachpack in Nuremberg, W.AG will be presenting numerous case solutions from both material worlds.

Geisa, Germany, July 2019. – the latest decision to reorganize its entire future product range not only in respect their design styles, but also according to aspects of sustainability, highlights once more W.AG’s leading role in the design-oriented plastic case market segment. To do this, we divided our entire portfolio of materials implemented in our injection moulding production. “All cases made of pure grade, recyclable polypropylene are now allocated to the new PURELINE product line, all other new cases made from eco-friendly, glucose-based composites will be assigned the generic term ORGANICLINE,” explains managing director Betram Göb. In this way, W.AG provides transparency in its use of materials and enables customers to select their product and transport packaging on the basis of reliable sustainable criteria. The new product lines will be presented for the first time at this year’s Fachpack in Nuremberg (hall 7, stand 310).

Pure grade and non-toxic

In representation of the new PURELINE material, W.AG will present the complete selection of its plastic cases and plastic boxes at the Fachpack, from the most successful TEKNO case series to the latest TWIST design case. They are made of pure grade PP, are free of pollutants such as lead, cadmium and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and can therefore be recycled. In addition, the PP renders the plastic case a very durable and reusable transport container. “Before a TEKNO case ends up being recycled, it usually has encountered many years of use and numerous secondary uses. Such a plastic case made of pure grade polypropylene is, in itself, a sustainable product per se,” emphasizes managing director Christof Hanschke.

Premiere for alternatives

At the Fachpack, W.AG also presents the first cases of the new ORGANICLINE. Its mix of materials contains large amounts of glucose, natural waxes and minerals. “We have been experimenting with various alternative materials made from renewable raw materials since 2017. In many test series, the new material mix has proven to be the optimal solution for the production of particularly ecolological designer cases,” explains Betram Göb. Depending on the model and dimensions, W.AG can now injection mould plastic cases with an alternative material content of up to 93 percent – using the same production parameters as when using polypropylene.

The ecologically sound material mix accommodates high mechanical resistance and is comparable, in practice, with polypropylene (PP). In its original translucent or white state, W.AG will offer many colours and special colours in the future by adding colour batches. In addition, the material is compatible with all decorating methods in the company’s portfolio. ORGANICLINE cases and boxes can also be enhanced with in-mould labeling or digital print with high-quality, vibrant photo prints. “The alternative material provides us and our customers countless options in the product and target group specific customization of cases. “The decision for sustainable materials in this regard, therefore, does not represent restrictions of any kind,” emphasizes managing director Christof Hanschke.

Sustainable inlays

W.AG also consistently pursues sustainable alternatives for inlay production. At the Fachpack, the company will be presenting its latest solution: Fully recyclable fiber-cast inlays made from a high-density compressed mix of recycled paper and used cardboard. They are, to a large extent, water-repelling, non-toxic, have considerable stability and are suitable for all PURELINE and ORGANICLINE series. “Combining an ORGANICLINE case with a fiber-cast inlay presents a perfect solution, especially for manufacturers who demonstrate consistent ecological balance assessments as part of their corporate or product philosophy and would like to credibly communicate their sustainability policy ,” says company director, Betram Göb.