JAZZ dividers

JAZZ case dividers unlock the full potential of the interior capacity by dividing the space. Packaged products stored in a case’s upper shell can be held in position with this feature when a normal foam fixation is no longer sufficient due to the increased weight.

The dividers are equipped with easy-to-use clasps that can be opened or closed with a finger. Embossed icons next to the clasps explain the handling of the closure system in an easy-to-understand manner.

The divider is made of polypropylene and is available in anthracite for the JAZZ models 5011 to 5034.

Pocket solutions for JAZZ

Documents, manuals or similar printed forms require convenient storage space within the case interior. W.AG provides pocket solutions made of cardboard, which allow an immediate view into the interior with an integrated window made of a transparent sheet. The cardboard pockets can be used with or without a flap and are available in A4 and A5format for the JAZZ sizes JAZZ 5002 to JAZZ 5034.

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