TWIST shoulder strap

The shoulder strap perfectly complements mobile use and can be attached to TWIST sizes TWIST 9272 to TWIST 9576 on request. The strap can easily be clicked into the holder through axles.  The shoulder strap set includes assembly instructions, two pins and a shoulder strap.

TWIST lid stay

Should the case lid of the TWIST remain in position, for example, to facilitate assembly work or to provide a professional presentation of the case contents, the optional lid stay is the right solution. The TWIST sizes TWIST 9272 to TWIST 9576 provide the option of mounting lid stays on both sides of the case. The lid stay, made of PP, is simply clicked into the retainers and reliably holds the lid in position.

Embossed TWIST latches

An optional logo embossed in the case latch ensures the first brand experience when opening the case. This feature adds value to your case and confers the TWIST case unique character.


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Pocket solutions for TWIST

The TWIST case sizes TWIST 9272 to TWIST 9576 enhance your interior case design with a useful pocket for documents. The cardboard pockets with a window are available in DIN A5- and A4 formats in a 5 mm and 15 mm depth variant with or without a flap. Should you prefer the flap to close automatically, it can be fitted with magnets. A real insider tip for the professional accomodation of product instructions, warranty documents or information material.