Choose your custom case or box colour

Colour adds the desired character to a plastic case or plastic box, and represents an enhancing basic model design feature. This permits you to create your own eye-catcher!

W.AG Funktion + Design provides 8 standard colours and 12 selection colours – in total a colour palette of 20 colours. As a matter of course, we realize your special custom colour on request.


Standard Colours

W.AG provides 8 standard colours which are available in stock as granules. These can be manufactured at our standard delivery terms at no extra cost.

Silbergrau (004)
Standardfarbe Blau (003)
Standardfarbe Rot (002)
Standardfarbe Gelb (006)
Standardfarbe Dunkelblau (008)
Standardfarbe Transparent (009)
Standard Colour black (001)

Selection Colours

A total of 12 selection colours are available as an extended colour range. Selection colours are available in stock as granules. The manufacturing takes place based on minimum order quantities and an additional small surcharge for the machine set-up.

Auswahlfarbe Grün (007)
Auswahlfarbe Grün (181)
Auswahlfarbe Gelbgrün (018)
Auswahlfarbe Türkis (034)
Auswahlfarbe Bordeaux (071)
Auswahlfarbe Purpur-Rot (035)
Auswahlfarbe Reinorange (026)
Auswahlfarbe Tieforange (050)
Auswahlfarbe Signalviolett (226)
Auswahlfarbe Weiß (005)
Auswahlfarbe Signalgelb (187)
Auswahlfarbe Stahlblau (202)

Special Colours

Your brand or corporate design has a specific colour? No problem – we can create custom company colour solutions for your case or box.

You are looking for a colour that is currently in fashion? In cooperation with our long-term partners we can present the latest trend colours to you every year. Even glitter effects and luminescent colours are feasible!

Any questions? We would be happy to advise you.

Availability per series


*for TWIST 9222 – TWIST 9476

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