Foam inlays

To carefully protect packaged products during transport in a case or in the box, and to present them professionally, the case and box series from W.AG can be used with foam inserts made of rigid PE foam and flexible PU foam. In-house inlay and foam processing competencies realize individual foam inlays for you, which are produced by means of water jet cutting, laser cutting or milling.
Convince yourself of our range of foam qualities and colours!

Foam qualities and foam colours

We offer several foam qualities as standard foams. Further foam types are available as well.

  • Profile foams (PU 90 025, PU 90 016) secure the surface of the content and ensure a perfect hold
  • Bespoke foams / water-jet cut foams / milled inlay (PU 90 025, PE 30 030, PE 20 028, PE 10 018, PE 10 029, PE 40 033):
    Individually made inlays which can be tailored to the individual size and use of the product.

Water jet cutting

Foam inserts consist of individual layers, i.e. base plate and compartment level, which are glued together. Our experienced employees already guarantee high quality during the blasting process.


Milled inlays are made from foam blanks. This allows recesses with varying depths without the use of fillers, ensuring high inlay stability for heavy contents.

Added value in presentation and function (e.g. visual inspection) can be created by milling laminated hard foam with different coloured layers. Even logos and text can be milled into the foam.

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