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Pocket Solution

Pocket Solution in Case Lid

Pocket Solution with Viewing Window

Pocket Solution with Magnetic Clip

Perfect for Brochures and Instructions

Pocket Solution

More functionality in the case lid

The new cardboard pockets feature an integrated viewing window made of transparent film and are inserted into the lid or the upper shell of the case.

The anthracite coloured pockets are available in these versions:

  • in and open top version,
  • containing a flap either
  • with or without magnetic clips
  • as well as in A4 and A5 format with 5.0 or 15-millimetre depth.


Perfect for information material

They are easy to load and are a safe storage location for

  • operating instructions,
  • warranty documents,
  • brochures or
  • important product certificates,

making them a perfect complement to the interior concept of the plastic case.


Viewing window for your brand communication

The viewing window of the pockets, in particular, can also be used for targeted brand communication. For example, the skillful placement of company brochures or product brochures whose logos or slogans immediately appear in the user’s field of vision when the suitcase is opened.


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