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Camera Cases and Camera Trolleys: Safe and convenient transportation for high-tech cameras

Whether professional equipment for photographers, bridge cameras for journalists or DSLR kits for amateur photographers: A camera case made by W.AG reliably packs and safeguards all electronic devices. The interior of your case can be individually adapted to your equipment using adjustable foam inserts to professionally stow lenses and other accessories. By means of an optional divider made from polypropylene, a notebook or other oversized components can be stowed alongside the camera. Our HEAVY or TWIST cases accomodate longer journeys effortlessly. The HEAVY is available with an optional trolley system or the TWIST can come with a shoulder strap. Treat your photography equipment to a high-quality camera case made by W.AG!

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Camera Case / Trolley or Backpack / Bag?

As a manufacturer of camera cases, we can confirm that a case is more appropriate for transporting sensitive equipment than a backpack or bag. Compared to a camera case, a backpack or bag is less waterproof and its soft material offers minimal protection against impact and external shocks. Furthermore, a case has considerably more volume and organizing options and is therefore also suitable for professionals and semi-professionals. Photographers have the option to have foam inserts made to exactly fit the size and shape of their lenses and rechargeable batteries, and to fit cardboard packaging or box-in-case solutions with lighter accessories such as cables or caps.

Camera Case and Camera Trolleys in a Nutshell

  • 1 Distinctive identity thanks to conspicuous colours and designs
  • 2 Individual design of the case latches and case surface
  • 3 Custom-made equipment protection within the camera case
  • 4 Custom inlays made of foam
  • 5 More comfort using a pulling device or shoulder strap
  • 6 Preparation of a sample case upon request
  • 7 Single-source full-service and comprehensive support

HEAVY: The durable camera case with trolley system

HEAVY: The durable camera case with trolley system

If you as a photographer conduct daily photo shoots and outdoor assignments at multiple locations, you will love our HEAVY . A camera, various lenses, as well as lighting, tripod and a background screen; our camera trolley provides sufficient space for all your necessary equipment and can transport heavy weights with ease. The HEAVY camera trolley is also a good choice when it comes to theft protection, since its sturdy case lock with 2 keys reliably protects your camera against unauthorized access. A total of 13 different interior dimensions guarantee that you will find the right camera trolley for your equipment. In the event you don’t want to purchase a new case every time you purchase additional camera equipment, you may choose to opt for a larger trolley in advance. Hobby photographers require a camera case volume of approximately 30 to 50 litres to accommodate a SLR camera, a flash and two lenses. For professionals, we recommend a trolley that contains a higher volume capacity.

TWIST: The contemporary camera case as carry-on luggage

For lighter cameras with minimal accessories, a camera case with a shoulder strap is usually sufficient and can be taken on board the aircraft. This way, you have your equipment directly with you when traveling to prevent the camera from getting lost or damaged on the airport baggage conveyor belt. Our TWIST is available in 18 different sizes, 15 of which can be upgraded with an optional shoulder strap that can easily and quickly be attached to the case fixture. You benefit from the comfort of a backpack and the sturdiness and endurance of a robust camera case.

TWIST: The contemporary camera case as carry-on luggage

Camera Case for branding your business

Camera Case for branding your business: Foam inserts

While most camera cases come in black or grey, we provide 8 standard colours, 12 selection colours and various special colours from which you can choose. As a professional photographer, you have the means to match your case precisely to the colours of your business and thus generate a recognition value. Which customer wouldn’t remember that friendly professional photographer with the bright yellow case or the bright red trolley? The case shell and the foam inserts can also be designed according to your corporate identity and enhanced with your company logo. Generally in-mould labeling is the print method chosen for outstanding print quality with high resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures.

Plastic boxes for storing photographs and cases

Apart from safe transport and proper storage of the camera equipment, it is important to store photos professionally for customers and various other cases. Our versatile plastic boxes are ideal for this purpose. These can be customized with foam in the interior and adapted to the respective corporate design. Boxes manufactured in corporate colours create a more professional and well-organized appearance than storage options entailing various sizes, materials and colours. Stackable sturdy feet allow a space-saving arrangement of the boxes on a shelf, on the table or in the warehouse.

Plastic boxes for storing photographs and cases

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