Attractive plastic boxes
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Plastic boxes for transport & storage: all-rounder's with numerous capabilities

Flexible interior and exterior configuration, easy to stack, safe and firm standing, point of sale implementation and the box-in-case solution: The plastic boxes made by W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH fulfill multiple functions and reliably protect your products from dust and water spray during transport and storage. We tailor to your corporate design using in-mould labeling, screen printing, pad printing or digital direct printing. Inlays made of hard or soft foam enable customized box interiors adapted to your products. All plastic boxes are available in various sizes and colours, either transparent, standard colour, or special colour selection options. Simply the best for your products – plastic boxes made by W.AG.

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The quick way to the perfect storage box

Finding the best packaging solution for your products requires first-hand consultation. Together we’ll configure the appropriate box based on the size and weight of your contents, functional and technical requirements and your corporate design. Then a suitable box insert is selected – water-blasted or milled foam inserts as well as thermoforming insert options are available. Next, individual box and lock colours, the decoration procedure and the sampling are explored. Once production is accomplished, you will receive a sample for review and follow up. Finally, the implementation of your order begins.

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Our plastic boxes demonstrate quality

  • 1 Customer-specific consultation
  • 2 Multiple applications
  • 3 Brilliant and glowing colours
  • 4 Individual design according to your corporate design
  • 5 Safe packaging through specific inlays
  • 6 Full service by W.AG
  • 7 Sample prototype

On the go with boxes made by W.AG

It does not always have to be a plastic case; for smaller products, promotional items or give-aways, a design-oriented transport box is usually sufficient. They comfortably fit in your hand and are ideal for storing small elongated parts. Thus, the plastic container BEAT, available in 19 different formats, provides the opportunity for multiple purposes. The SWING storage box impresses with its exceptional ribbed design and original format, available in 6 different sizes. Both boxes can be used as a box-in-case solution and consist of recyclable polypropylene (PP). Due to their light weight they are easy to transport and have a pleasant, impact-resistant surface.

Safe stacking in warehouse, workshop and office

The durable containers made by W.AG are also suitable as storage boxes for warehouses, workshops and offices. For example, BEAT and SWING can be stacked without danger of slipping, even on slippery floors, raised feet ensure reliable standing and they have a near dust-tight construction. Offices with customer traffic: thanks to their diverse colours and design possibilities, they serve nicely as stacking boxes on the desk or on the shelf. Office supplies such as ballpoint pens or pencils can be neatly stored in a visually appealing manner in our plastic boxes and be recognized at all times with a transparent lid.

Selling and presenting

Products in storage boxes made by W.AG always look good at the point of sale and attract a lot of attention with their unique packaging. This is especially true for the signal colours yellow, violett and pure orange. Custom colours are also available upon request. A box with a transparent half shell is usually chosen to showcase merchandise, of which only a certain part of the half shell is designed by means of digital direct printing or IML. The rest of the lid remains clear to allow visual inspection. This particularly classy appearance makes the transparent half shell see-through. Since our plastic boxes are made of non-toxic polypropylene, they are suitable for retail.

Boxes made by W.AG as give-aways

Give-aways are not always practical, are often lost is everyday life or are disposed of after a certain while. A box made of plastic from W.AG is a very useful gift, experience shows they like to be used and have a good chance of a very long term period of use. This contributes to the unique appearance of the advertising company and increases recognition value of your brand through its striking design language and its elegant style elements. If you are planning an extensive promotion, we are happy to provide further information.

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