The perfect plastic box

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Individual design of your BEAT plastic box

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BEAT - The narrow plastic box in high-end design.

Small products require small packaging solutions. The BEAT series with ribbed sides provides 19 formats for a suitable solution for small-format merchandise such as: bit sets, promotional items etc. With in-mould labeling and product-specific foam inserts, BEAT guarantees a first-class and unrivaled product presentation of your small contents. BEAT can be used in combination with other case series as a box-in-case solution and cleverly complement packaged products in the case.

Digital Direct Printing Box BEAT

our case sizes

external dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
internal dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
BEAT 6341
 85 x 145 x  32
 75 x 104 x  25
BEAT 6342
 85 x 145 x  57 [16/41]
 75 x 104 x  50 [12,5/37,5]
BEAT 6343
 85 x 145 x  82
 75 x 104 x  75
all case sizes

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In-Mould Labelling (IML)

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Screen and Pad Printing

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Digital Direct Printing

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BEAT – Unparalleled formats for exceptional products

The high-quality box design of the BEAT series lets the viewer, from a distance, come to the conclusion that he will find premium products enclosed. Especially at the point of sale this factor is crucial to success. Due to the large colour palette maintained by W.AG, which also provides transparent box shells for the BEAT, the BEAT plastic boxes can be custom made, tailored to your desired corporate design. Transparent upper shells also allow the instant presentation of the packaged content while viewing the BEAT. Product information, logos or instructions can be permanently printed in high resolution with the digital direct printing method or with the in-mould labeling on the BEAT case.  Screen printing and pad printing are also used for simple motifs and enable the printing of snap-shut latches.

Product-specific box inserts such as foam inlay or deep-drawn inserts round off a first-class product presentation and protect the packaged contents from damage. Whatever the product, the BEAT box is used in a wide range of sectors, from the tool industry to the auto-tuning industry to humidity-indicator gauge applications. The plastic box provides multiple applications.

The BEAT series includes 19 case sizes from the basic dimensions 85 x 145 mm to 160 x 270 mm.


BEAT Product Details

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The short route to your individual box solution

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