SWING plastic box

by W.AG Funktion + Design


The plastic box in an extraordinary design

SWING - The box with a unique design and inventive format.

As a plastic box, SWING combines an attractive design with practical handling. The 6 sizes of the plastic box are perfect for promotional products and small items.

In addition, SWING can also be used as a box-in-case solution. For selected SWING sizes, the modern in-mould labeling method is available for images in the highest photo quality.

our case sizes

external dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
internal dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
SWING 3112
101 x  82 x  32
 93 x  60 x  25
SWING 3114
101 x  82 x  36 [16/20]
 93 x  60 x  29 [12,5/16,5]
SWING 3116
101 x  82 x  40
 93 x  60 x  33
all case sizes

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SWING – Unique in design and format

Small products and small parts should always be securely and neatly packed. Consumers have experienced it: multiple items often lie loose in the packaging, are difficult to find and usually hard to grasp. In such cases, one prefers a tidy storage solution that provides easier handling.

The SWING plastic box is perfectly suited for this purpose as a small and compact box solution. SWING makes a good impression with its original design. With the basic dimensions 101 x 82 mm up to 120 x 255 mm, the SWING box offers the right size for every small product. Combined with box inserts made of foam, small parts like bits, plug-in components or gift items such as ballpoint pens are well-sorted and clearly presented in the SWING. With precisely fitting foam inserts ensure the packaged small parts are held in place without shifting. W.AG makes sure small products can be removed with ease from the SWING inlay construction.

Should a quick visual inspection through a closed box be necessary, the SWING plastic box can be equipped with a transparent box half shell. Alternatively, the SWING box can be customized with coloured case shells in tune with your preferences. SWING can also be customized from the outside by means of W.AG decoration methods of screen printing, digital direct printing and in-mould labeling.



SWING Product Details

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The short route to your individual box solution

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