HEAVY - The robust heavy duty case

with a large decoration area

for brilliant in-mould-labeling motifs

HEAVY - The durable heavy-duty case for the tough challenges of daily life.

A modern and powerful design distinguishes the HEAVY as a functional and extremely reliable transport case. Due to the unique double-wall construction of an encircling sandwich construction which provides the plastic case maximum stability, your products and case contents are optimally protected. There are 13 HEAVY case sizes available to provide you large storage capacities. Useful HEAVY features, such as the trolley system and the divider, compliment WAG-HEAVY as a transport case for large-scale products.

our case sizes

external dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
internal dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
HEAVY 4001
300 x 275 x  82
277 x 197 x  69
HEAVY 4002
300 x 275 x 110 [40/70]
274 x 194 x  99 [34,5/64,5]
HEAVY 4003
300 x 275 x 140
274 x 194 x 129
all case sizes

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HEAVY – A case for tough missions

The WAG-HEAVY sandwich construction promotes high stability. Thanks to the double-walled design, heavy case contents can be transported in combination with custom HEAVY inlays. Hard-foam milled inlays provide the best possible protection for your contents during mobile transport. W.AG offers the optional trolley system for HEAVY sizes, from HEAVY 4028 to HEAVY 4054, so that you do not have to carry a heavy case. This accomodates a comfortable transport of the case on wheels to promote easy WAG-HEAVY pulling.

But HEAVY also offers other accessories: in addition to the popular divider, which allows a division of space, you can compliment HEAVY with a case lock on the outside and a practical lid stay or pocket solution for hard-copies on the interior.

But even a heavy-duty case would appreciate vibrant colours: make your HEAVY unique. We furnish a colour spectrum of a total 20 standard colours and selection colours and realize your special colour on request. The large decorative surface, the case sidewalls and knee-lever locks also provide enormous configuration potential: On the HEAVY case sides you can, for example, provide important information such as item numbers with screen printing. Pad printing brings your logo onto the HEAVY latch. High-resolution photos can be placed on the WAG-HEAVY using IML in-mould labeling method. IML labels are bonded inseparably to the case half shell after the injection moulding process and provide a lasting brand presentation.

WAG-HEAVY is available in 13 case sizes. The largest basic size is the HEAVY 4054 with a basic dimension of 665 x 562 mm. The smallest HEAVY case size is the HEAVY 4001 with a basic dimension of 300 x 275 mm.


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