The allrounder with a technical design

JAZZ - The all-rounder in a technical design with maximum functionality.

As an injection-moulded case, JAZZ presents its strengths in a broad range of applications and versatility. Its shape and distinctive technical design immediately catch the eye of the beholder.
Available in 15 case dimensions you will find the right case for every application. Individualized exterior and interior decoration complete the technical shape language of JAZZ. Design your own all-rounder into an attractive product packaging.

our case sizes

external dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
internal dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
JAZZ 5002
229 x 199 x  55
216 x 148 x  45
JAZZ 5003
229 x 199 x  70 [27/43]
214 x 146 x  60 [22,5/37,5]
JAZZ 5004
229 x 199 x  85
214 x 146 x  75
all case sizes

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JAZZ – Versatility has a name

The technical design of the JAZZ plastic case is key for choosing JAZZ, especially for companies in the industry of metrology. Yet the plastic case is also implemented in many other industries with a broad variety of application fields.  Optional dividers make JAZZ an ideal solution, above all, for products with multiple components and individual parts, thanks to interior dividers the JAZZ case can be used efficiently. Thus, JAZZ is implemented in the medical field and tool industry or is used as a sample and presentation case by sales representatives from various sectors. The optional pocket solutions made by W.AG can also provide additional added value inside the case.  In this way, user manuals, information material, etc. can be stored well in the pockets and keep things tidy.

When it comes to the protection of your products, JAZZ scores with high stability. Combined with custom-designed and manufactured inlays to meet your preferences and needs, the case reliably protects your packed items. W.AG provides a broad spectrum of inlay types ranging from foam inserts to deep-drawn inserts.

The exterior design options for the JAZZ case are limitless. Due to the large colour selection furnished by W.AG, you can select a custom JAZZ case colour and place your logo or promotional message on the case using screen printing or vibrant coloured print motifs in digitalen direct print or in-mould labeling.

Available in the basic dimensions 229 x 199 mm up to 497 x 411 mm in a total of 15 case sizes the JAZZ series offers a wide range of sizes.


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