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TEKNO plastic case
The original since 1997

TEKNO - The timeless classic among plastic cases.

Merging highest functionality with a contemporary design: The plastic case TEKNO offers protection for sensitive products, but at the same time it features a durable advertising medium, guaranteed to attract high-level attention. Even entire product families can be realized by coordinating colouring and IML decoration means.
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external dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
internal dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
TEKNO 2002
235 x 185 x  48
227 x 138 x  41
255 x 210 x  48
243 x 159 x  42
255 x 210 x  60 [24/36]
243 x 159 x  54 [21/33]
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TEKNO – The original since 1997

The TEKNO case made by W.AG is regarded a milestone among industrial cases and, since 1997, exhibiting the continuous development from a protective product packaging towards a modern branding instrument. TEKNO provides the unique opportunity to realize a very sustainable and permanent product presence through its timeless shape, colour, outer surface decoration and inlay design, spanning from the distribution system to the extended use by the consumer. No wonder TEKNO is a designated classic among plastic cases, since it implements this marketing principle very successfully to the benefit of the customer.

Due to its striking shape, durable linchpin hinges, stable reinforced case feet and its ergonomic, pleasant-to-grasp handle TEKNO is implemented in nearly every industry sector. Whether for high-quality measuring instruments, medical or dental equipment, tools, power tools or sample items – TEKNO is, in combination with customized case inserts, a product-protecting plastic case.

Choose from the large colour selection of standard- and selection colours to design TEKNO according to your ideas. It is interesting, above all, that TEKNO is available in a transparent version. This allows you to provide your customers and the case user immediate visual access inside the case. With digital direct printing you can get the transparent TEKNO half-shells printed with vibrant images. Simple motifs can also be realized with multicolour screenprinting on the transparent case surface. For structured or coloured TEKNOs, the premium decoration method of in-mould labeling is available. In addition to vibrant colours and high-resolution images, this provides you the option of using the inovative Digimarc Barcode technology . Case users can easily access digital content by simply scanning the IML motif. Thus, you offer your customer the optimal added value regarding information about your product and your services. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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