For those with ambitious intentions.
The new TWIST dimension 
with double walled construction.

Minimalistic design.

Modern design case.

TWIST - The contemporary design case with innovative functions.

TWIST is a modern design case that embodies perfect coherence between a purist design language with distinctive stylistic elements and a multitude of features. Cool elegance and contemporary minimalism characterize the TWIST design. The mission of the TWIST case is to support the customer’s brand by means of its individual form, taking itself back as packaging in order to guarantee the customer the best possible communication source. Its optimized interior geometry makes TWIST is an ideal packaging solution for a large number of industries with a wide range of applications.

“TWIST” your product presentation and brand communication and convince yourself of its strengths as an innovative and attractive plastic case of the next generation.

our case sizes

external dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
internal dimensions (W x H x D) in mm
TWIST 9222
238 x 188 x  54
223 x 140 x  41
TWIST 9224
238 x 188 x  74 [27/47]
223 x 140 x  61 [20,5/40,5]
TWIST 9226
238 x 188 x  94
223 x 140 x  81
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The guiding principle of every case developed by W.AG is shaped by the question: “What is the next step in the case evolution?” The goal for W.AG in developing the TWIST was the realization of a packaging solution that embodies a perfect symbiosis between purist design with distinctive stylistic elements and a multitude of features. The TWIST design is minimalistic, making it an attractive and contemporary packaging solution for a wide range of industries with a broad range of applications.

Its contemporary design provides the TWIST a positive “eye-catcher” image: It immediately catches the eye of the beholder and shines with its great appeal. The innovative TWIST-stacking frame is characterized by its twists, the most defining style element of the attractive case design. With its minimalist design, the case remains in the background as a packaging solution and puts the customer’s brand in the foreground. With its particularly large decorative surface, the TWIST is predestined for full surface imaging in IML and offers the customer optimum possibilities for product and brand communication. Even a multicoloured screen print can be implemented on the TWIST decoration surface.

The interior of the TWIST was engineered by our case and foam designers for case inlays, so that maximum utilization of the interior was ensured. W.AG provides several interesting features regarding accessories, such as a shoulder strap, lid stay and embossed case latches with your logo, for example.

W.AG is currently offering the TWIST case in 18 case sizes with the smallest basic dimensions of 238 x 188 mm and the largest basic dimensions of 494 x 402 mm.


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