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Transport Case: Maximum safety & comfort needed for field applications

The transport of heavy loads, the protection of fragile goods, an aesthetic exterior design and a functional interior: W.AG cases fulfill, without question, many needs. Available in numerous colours and sizes, this multi-talent case has various inserts and inlays for uses in a wide range of industries. Thus, your products always look appealing in our transport cases and contribute to an effective corporate appearance through their professional presentation. All cases are equipped with ergonomic handles and firmly closing clasps for a comfortable and safe transport. Let us introduce TEKNO, JAZZ, TWIST and HEAVY to you!

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Transport Cases 2020: The case made from renewable raw materials

You decide whether your unique case is made of pure grade polypropylene (PURELINE) or is composed of a resource-conserving, glucose-based material (ORGANICLINE). Both materials are durable, recyclable and customizable and impress with high quality. They differ only in the material used for production. While the PP-Plastic Cases consists of finite raw materials, the innovative ORGANICLINE is made from renewable, climate neutral resources. The ORGANICLINE is made of ARBOBLEND®, developed by TECNARO. It goes without saying that a carrying case made from a material that has been awarded the Green-Brand-Germany seal is a very special image medium for B2B companies. To learn more, please visit Innovative Product Lines!


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Good reasons for considering a W.AG transport solution

  • 1 Personal comprehensive service
  • 2 Custom made foam inserts
  • 3 Diverse sizes and colours
  • 4 We deliver proven plastic cases and innovative ARBOBLEND® cases
  • 5 Sample case prefabrication
  • 6 User-friendly accessories
  • 7 Time efficient W.AG full service

TEKNO: The plastic case that started it all

Sophisticated technology, an extensive production history and continuous development characterize our universal TEKNO case. Establishing the foundation as one of the first industrial cases, the transformation from a transport solution to a branding instrument decisively shaped the packaging industry.

Available from stock in a variety of sizes, colours and as a transparent case, TEKNO is versatile and guaranteed to attract attention. Custom foam inserts provide the flexibility to completely adapt interiors to your products. You really can’t go wrong with TEKNO.

HEAVY: Transporting heavy loads with ease

When it comes to heavy tools, compact machine parts or extensive cleaning sets; our rugged HEAVY can hold its own like no other case. Thanks to its stable double-wall construction, it safely transports heavy weights and is available in 7 versions (4028 to 4054) and on wheels with an optional trolley system.

The height adjustable trolley system easily snaps onto the sturdy transport case and can simply be released from the case at any given time. Our heavy duty case also rolls easily over uneven terrain such as grass or gravel. Other features include a divider, a lid stay, a key-lock system and a pocket solution for the interior case.

TWIST: The distinguished design case for your brand

Packaging can be replaced, the image of your brand that delivers the message can’t. Ideally, it anchors itself in the minds of your customers and ensures a high recognition value. Of course, this also applies to the transport. Which means of transport could be better suited for your branding than our uncompromising TWIST case made of plastic polypropylene (PP) or ARBOBLEND®, to serve as packaging for presenting a product? Thus, the extra large surface dimensions can be customized with in-mould labeling (IML) or screen printing, whereas In-Mould Labeling offers considerably more branding possibilities than classic screen printing.

Finally, in-mould labeling (IML) enhances your case by bonding durable high-resolution graphics, printed in vibrant colours, onto the case surface. You can also integrate an invisible Digimarc barcode to reference product information without actually seeing an annoying QR code. Lets do the TWIST now – for the sake of your brand!

JAZZ: The perfect companion for carrying small items

Pharmaceutical companies, measuring technicians, craftsmen and many other professional sectors face the daily challenge of properly packaging and presenting their samples and equipment. Our transport case JAZZ is by far superior to conventional tool boxes, cases and transport boxes in terms of storage and transport and allows customized placement of transport items through its tailored interior.

Thus, the interior of the plastic case can be optimized with dividers, individual inlays and pocket solutions that create efficient use of space. As with all our carrying cases, you can also choose JAZZ either as a production of proven plastic or innovative ARBOBLEND®.

Transportkoffer Transport Case

Transport Boxes: An alternative to the transport case

A transport case is not always required; sometimes a plastic box or transport box is sufficient. The BEAT and SWING product range offers a lighter and more affordable transport version as you benefit from the advantages of W.AG products. Due to its minimal weight and smaller sizes, you can quickly and comfortably maneuver through train stations, airports and big city crowds. Individual inlays made of foam help to keep your contents organized and in place. In the event you no longer need your transport box for transport, simply use it as a box-in-case solution.

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