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IML-method [Case Design]

The in-mould labelling process is a state of the art method of decorating plastic packaging. The process is very challenging but it has many advantages. With the in-mould labelling method, label and packaging merge during the injection moulding process. You can position all illustrations and information directly onto the plastic cases in a high and scratch resistant photo quality transfer.


Advantages of IML

The application of the IML technology has many advantages over other printing methods.

  • Optimal printing quality
  • Permanent image
  • Short production times and costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Advertising

We offer the IML decoration technology for a selection of case models.



IML-labels do not have a separate adhesive layer but merge during the in-mould labelling process with the plastic case due to high temperature.

After cooling down the plastic case with the in-mould label is displaced from the injection mould and it forms one strong unit.

» In-mould labelling

In-mould labelling-production process

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IML examples

The possibilities are endless!


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