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JAZZ with screen pritingwag-kofferzubehoer-siebdruck-4wag-kofferzubehoer-siebdruck-1HEAVY of Hoffmann Group
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Printing [Case Design]

All our cases can be printed with your individual print. Possible are single colour prints as well as multi colour prints in every colour and nearly every size or position. No matter if you need your companies logo, product informations, instructions or directions – almost every print is possible. Please check “Details” to view some samples of printed cases.


Screen printing and pad printing by W.AGHEAVY case with screen printingwag-kofferzubehoer-siebdruck-4wag-kofferzubehoer-siebdruck-2wag-kofferzubehoer-siebdruck-3wag-kofferzubehoer-siebdruck-1wag-kofferzubehoer-siebdruck-5wag-kunststoffkoffer-bedruckung-1

Screen Printing

Continuous and cost-efficient promotion for your products.



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