School cone festival with TEKNO case

published on: 29.06.2017

W.AG donates plastic cases to St. Josef nursery school in Borsch

On 13/06/2017 the nursery school-teachers dismissed their preschool children with the traditional school cone festival, a day not only dedicated to the children, but also to parents and teachers.

In addition to a cosy get-together and tasty food from the grill, the children of the “Mäuschen” group led by Mrs. Julia Völker presented a programme especially rehearsed for the parents. The parents in turn used the opportunity to thank the nursery school-teachers for their work.

Of course a school cone festival involves school cones, so the nursery school made cones in the shape of pens, filled with all the important utensils a future schoolchild of Buttlar Primary School may require for the start of school: not only paint box and pens, etc. but toys and especially sweets were a must in that school cone.

TEKNO case as a mobile art archive

A small highlight for the kids was the TEKNO plastic case, which W.AG in Geisa donated to the nursery school. Each child was given a custom-designed case, decorated with the name and picture of the child. The TEKNO case is ideal for a mobile art archive, offering enough space for all works of art from the nursery school period. For the kids, a beautiful day with pen-shaped school cones and plastic cases was a great ending to their nursery school time, which they can reflect on with pleasure.

The suitcase manufacturer W.AG wishes the children of the “Mäuschen” group a lot of fun with their TEKNOs and a good start into their school career!