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High-quality plastic case systems from W. AG: W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH, based in Geisa/Rhön, was founded in 1992 by Wolfgang Wagester and currently employs almost 200 people.

It all started with barrier chains and contract injection moulding. When Wolfgang Wagester founded W.AG in 1992, he had no idea how groundbreaking W.AG products would one day be for the case industry. Today, almost 30 years later, W.AG has established itself as the market leader for
customised case solutions in Europe. The most successful case model is also the first case series: TEKNO has sold eleven million cases worldwide to date.

Anyone visiting W.AG today will encounter a modern, innovative company with its own product development and production facilities. In co-operation with research and educational institutions, W.AG develops new materials with special product properties. This offers an enormous knowledge advantage and is groundbreaking for the entire industry.

In addition to the innovative development of the product range, the topic of responsibility is particularly important to the company. In corporate management, towards employees, society, the environment and the climate: W.AG transforms responsibility into all areas and improves the environmental balance of the products and the entire company step by step.

W.AG is transforming responsibility in all areas and is gradually improving the environmental performance of its products and the company as a whole.

We shape sustainability and social integrity

Leading W.AG fills me with pride every day. We are fast and flexible in a constantly changing market. We have acted strategically with our sustainable value-added packaging. The market recognises the need for new solutions for raw material availability and supply chains. We are partners for suppliers, customers and co-operation partners. We achieve great results through sincere cooperation. Our claim is the perfect solution: We all together are part of perfection.

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Bertram Göb

Managing Partner W.AG

“Values such as honesty and responsibility leave no room for half-finished concepts.”

W.AG customers benefit from our expertise

With a vertical range of manufacture of almost 100% in Geisa, we demonstrate our comprehensive expertise from development to the finished product. Customers and suppliers value our trusting partnership, an important building block of our success. We fulfil different expectations and requirements by listening carefully and offering customised solutions. Our case solution with added value emphasises the perfection of our customers and their products.


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Michael Müller

Sales management

“The customer product in all its value is given the perfect packaging solution.”

Knowledge advantage secures our market leadership

As part of our innovation process, we carry out regular market and competition analyses and immediately implement potential ideas or innovations with growth opportunities in a project phase. Our in-house research and development work secures our knowledge advantage and market leadership. We work continuously on new production processes and materials, consistently check product qualities and support our customers with analyses and tests to ensure individual solutions.

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Björn Ullrich

Head of Product Development

“We are on the way from pure toolmaking to a highly professional production forge!”

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