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Protective case

Our flexible protective cases are variable and can be used in numerous industries, whether as transport cases, camera cases or tool cases. Our plastic protective cases can be optimally adapted to a wide variety of products and contents with customised foam inserts or thermoformed inserts. Find out more about our protective case models:

Individual features of our storage cases

  • Pockets with viewing windows
  • Intermediate panels made of plastic
  • Trolley with large castors
  • Shoulder carrying strap
  • Stand for lid
  • Case lock
  • Equipment with GPS
  • Embossed logo & inlay engraving
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Sustainable protective cases made from renewable raw materials

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Our journey to responsibility has begun: Should your model be made from 100% recyclable polypropylene or from renewable raw materials? We take responsibility, you make the decision. PURELINE made from robust, durable, fully recyclable polypropylene (PP). ORGANICLINE made from up to 93% renewable raw materials, honoured with the GREEN BRAND Award.

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Protective cases from W.AG: all-rounders when it comes to protection and safety

Whether for storage in the warehouse or office, for outdoor use in nature, for transport to product presentations or on business trips: A protective case from W.AG reliably protects your contents from knocks, impacts or external pressure. It impresses with its high durability and lightness and is also suitable for prolonged use. Made from pure polypropylene (PP), our cases are resistant to alcohol, grease and organic solvents and are also characterised by good heat resistance, stability and durability. Give yourself and your products the gift of safety – with an attractive and functional plastic case from W.AG!

Convincing advantages

of W. AG

Polypropylene: The impact-resistant lightweight among plastics

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With its extremely low density of between 0.895 g/cm3 and 0.92 g/cm3, polypropylene is considered the lightest of all plastics, which has a favourable effect on the weight of your protective case. Manufactured using the injection moulding process, the case has a thin yet extremely impact-resistant and break-proof shell and does not require an additional frame construction. This means that transporting larger loads with a PP trolley, such as our HEAVY, is usually no problem. The robust material also scores highly in warehouse logistics, as PP cases and protective cases are easier to stack and transport than cases or containers made of other materials due to their low weight. In addition, the plastic used by W.AG can be fully recycled into regranulate, is free from harmful substances such as lead, cadmium or PAHs and is virtually waterproof thanks to its low water absorption.

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Plastic storage case for many industries

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Our plastic cases are used as equipment cases, industrial cases, machine cases, measuring instrument cases, sample cases, protective cases, system cases, transport boxes or transport cases, tool cases and much more.
The advantage over aluminium storage cases or aluminium transport cases is obvious: our plastic cases are lighter and more customisable, but just as robust. They are easy and convenient to transport with the comfortable carrying straps and trolleys. Optional, discreet locks and GPS trackers attached to the case inlay ensure security and theft protection.

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Personalised advice: the most cost-effective way to find the right container

From 100 case sizes, 4 case models and 2 box variants, we select the smallest possible variant and the most favourable solution for you. If your favourite colour is not included in the standard colours: No problem! We will be happy to check whether we can produce your favourite model in an individual colour variant. Benefit from the wealth of possibilities and the full service of our company. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to hearing from you!

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