New investments in logistics and foam processing

published on: 30.03.2019

W.AG Funktion + Design invests 218,000 euros in a new splitting machine and forklift truck

Equipped with the latest double pallet stacker edition from Linde, W.AG expands its vehicle fleet to nine forklifts. The unique feature: while reaching a fork height of up to 2.93 meters, the initial lift system enables the pallet stacker to drive on uneven surfaces and ramps while transporting two pallets at the same time. This facilitates fast commissioning processes due to the pallet stacker’s extremely flexible implementation in warehouse or lorry loading environments. “We purchased this pallet stacker to increase turnover and become more time-efficient, especially in the shipping department,” comments Tobias Becker, logistics manager at W.AG, adding: “The investment value is just under 15,000 euros.”

Commissioning and pallet stacker briefing was performed by Mr. Marcus Trautmann, a Linde representative. Mr Becker extended his gratitude toward Mr. Trautheim for his excellent support. Furthermore, Tobias Becker looks forward to additional investments in the logistics division: “The purchase of yet another unit for combined indoors and outdoors transport is presently being planned for this year.”

New horizontal splitting machine for foam processing.

Before foam can be processed into case inlays, the foam needs to be adapted to the appropriate inlay size. A second splitting machine has been added to the production facility for foam processing. “We’ve invested approximately 203,000 euros in a new Bäumer horizontal splitting machine”, says Sascha Alexander Manns, production manager for foam processing, and explains: “The splitting machine is used for splitting blocks of foam which consist mainly of hard foam. The block or slab is placed on the shifting worktable, which guides the foam through the band knife cutting tool.” Once a foam blank is brought into the exact required thickness, it is transported to the waterjet machine where it is further processed: either as a foam blank for inserts or water-blasted foam inlays.