HEAVY dividers

Often customers decide to use the entire interior of a WAG-HEAVY case for their products and also would like to pack heavy contents in the upper shell. To ensure safe positioning and, when necessary, to protect the products packed in the lower shell, the decision for a divider is usually made.

By means of turn and click fasteners, the WAG-HEAVY divider can be opened and closed easily and quickly. The divider, made of polypropylene (PP), is available for the series HEAVY 4001 to HEAVY 4048. The divider colour is available in anthracite.


HEAVY trolley

The trolley is available for 7 different WAG-HEAVY sizes. Especially when transporting heavy products, the trolley offers support and comfort in mobile applications.

The unique HEAVY trolley height-adjustment mechanism can be universally implemented for the case sizes HEAVY 4028 to 4048. The WAG-HEAVY case itself simply requires the attachment of a trolley holder onto which the trolley can be secured. The trolley is very convenient for especially inconsistent ground surfaces. Whether it’s pavement, grass, gravel or industrial flooring – you can rely on the rubber-coated rollers.


HEAVY case key-lock

The contents of your case are not meant for everyone? Then select the case key-lock system for the WAG-HEAVY. The case key-lock is installed in a HEAVY half shell, allowing the latch of the other half shell to securely lock both together. A case key-lock set contains two keys in addition to the lock and is available for the HEAVY sizes HEAVY 4028 to HEAVY 4048.

HEAVY lid stay

A lid that is held open always allows easy working with the products packed in the case. The lid stay can be integrated in the WAG-HEAVY sizes 4028 to 4048. This results a value-added feature that enhances the functionality of the case, especially during presentations or manual work.

Pocket solution for HEAVY

For added convenience of not having to search for tool manuals or measuring device manuals, for example, printed instructions can be placed in one of the many pocket solutions. Pocket solutions made of cardboard are available in the A5- and A4 basic format with thicknesses of 5 mm and 15 mm and provide, among other features, a window and flap magnets.

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