In-mould labeling: Outstanding product enhancement

Brilliant photo quality, high UV protection, resistance to abrasion, moisture-resistant and temperature resistant with short production cycles: in-mould labeling offers, without question, one of the most innovating printing methods, superior by far to conventional printing methods. Labels that won’t peel off, turn yellow or be removed. During production, molten plastic adheres onto the label to form an inseparable unit, thus enabling the permanent placement of brand messages and the design of sophisticated surfaces. And that’s not all. Since IML printed products are surprisingly cost-efficient due to their beneficial integration into the manufacturing process; the label itself is fully recyclable. We at W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH have in-mould labeling perfected to an art and enhance cases and boxes with individual and photorealistic designs: Available to you now on request.

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In-mould decoration: The power of images

Brands are much more than a company name, a logo or a selected product range. A good brand conveys emotions, a certain attitude towards life and finds itself associated with a specific reputation. Therefore, brand communication comprises a central element of any marketing strategy. And exactly at this moment, the communication of images comes into play.

Images depict the emotional climate of brands, bridge consumer perceptions and create the incentive to purchase. The in-mould method promotes the opportunity to directly trigger your customers’ subconscious thoughts. Our high-quality and colour-intense prints provide you numerous options. Feel free to contact us!

In-mould labeling at a glance

  • 1 Enhanced sales success by means of emotional imagery
  • 2 Custom and versatile design options
  • 3 Precise placement of advertising slogans
  • 4 Longevity thanks to protection against abrasion and UV radiation
  • 5 Shorter production intervals through automation process
  • 6 Cost-efficiency through economic production process
  • 7 Moisture and temperature resistant

In-mould labeling made by W.AG

No other printing method for branding compares to in-mould labeling. So, it comes as no surprise that numerous plastic cases and plastic boxes are printed by W.AG using the the IML process. IML is implemented at our injection moulding facility in a single production phase. The PP label, i.e. the IML label is enhanced using offset printing with a customized decor and then automatically inserted into the open injection mould.

In the subsequent spraying process, the label is introduced into the outer side of our case and box half-shells with each mould. The liquid plastic and PP label completely bond and permanently form one entity. Unlike large-scale orders common to the consumer goods industry and packaging industry, we cater smaller print runs.

Invisible barcode for in-mould processes

Another benefit of in-mould labeling is the digital integration of an invisible Digimarc barcode with an embedded link in the IML label. The code is applied as a digital watermark on the packaging, thus avoiding visually disturbing QR codes. This unique feature makes the code imperceptible to the human eye since it is incorporated into the artwork on a pixel level.

By implementing a free Digimarc Discover® app, the barcode can be read using a Smartphone and accessed through the stored URL. Digimarc is currently being used by leading retailers and consumer brands, international banks, US government agencies, film production companies and sports franchise systems. Sophisticated technology provides you the potential to link user manuals, websites, eBooks, product videos and much more on our plastic cases and boxes to enhance the scope of your branding options. Space normally required for instructions is now available for increased efficiency.


IML colours & case colours

IML labels are manufactured using a 4c offset method, i.e. a label printing method which offers case colour coordination. Basically, all cases and boxes made by W.AG are IML compatible. Printable surface dimensions are based primarily on case size. For example, the innovative TWIST case offers a design which, by far, provides the largest printing surface perfectly suited for total surface imaging. For further dimensions and labeling options regarding TEKNO, JAZZ, HEAVY, BEAT and SWING, please refer to our catalogue. Our cases and boxes are available in standard colours as well as selection colours. 20 colour shades, including the transparent tone, are available for you to choose from; special colours compliant with your corporate design require exact colour values for a custom case.

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More about Digimarc

More about Digimarc

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