Attractive design of your cases and boxes as an advertising medium

Screen printing and pad printing are among the first decoration methods that W.AG introduced in-house. These classic decorative methods are great for simple designs or logos that are printed in a single colour or in multiple colours. The colour prints permanently decorate your case or box in strong vibrant colours!

Screen printing

With single- or multi-coloured screen prints, you can print your case shell and sides with your own logo, brand name or product information. Screen printing provides the following benefits:

  • Suitable for all W.AG cases
  • Feasible for high-gloss and structured surfaces
  • Single colour and multi-coloured prints

Pad printing

The pad printing method usually is implemented for small printing surfaces, such as case latches or narrow case sides which cannot be printed with screen printing:

  • Individual pad printing for all W.AG case series
  • Latch design and case sides
  • Your logo, slogan or product name can be displayed with high colour intensity

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