Experience our inlay types
for your application areas
Eyecatching presentation
of your packed products
Smart pocket solutions
as an extension of your case inlay 
for instructions or information brochures
Individual case inlays made of foam, 
tailor-made for your product
Individual deep-drawn inserts, 
especially customized to your requirements


Pack your products in protective and professionally presented case inserts made by W.AG Funktion + Design. Our in-house foam processing facility accomodates tailor-made foam inlays. Our portfolio of foam inserts includes water-blasted inlays, milled inlays and stamped profile foams. Furthermore, we provide individual deep-drawn inserts which are used as an alternative to foam.

No matter which inlay type or material you choose – our team will expertly craft the individual case or box insert according to your requirements.

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Foam inlays and deep-drawn inserts

Inlays manufactured by W.AG are individually adapted to the products being packed in terms of shape, foam quality and processing technology. Therefore, your choice of inlay style and colour will take your functional and presentation needs into account.

In regards to ease of use and product protection, the foam quality, for example, is selected according to the weight and properties of the case content.

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