Interview with Monique Brunsch
– Trainee Warehouse Logistics Specialist

Why did you apply to W. AG?


During my school days, like many others in my class, I wondered what I could enjoy in the professional world. Through various internships I quickly noticed that I was more interested in the craft and not the commercial field.

In addition, some people from my circle of acquaintances already work at W.AG and also recommended me to apply. But to be sure I did an internship at W.AG which was very appealing to me. I particularly liked the gliding time and the good working climate.

Of course, I still checked on the company website, which increased my interest even more. Since I also value working close to home, which was fulfilled at W.AG, there was no doubt for me that I would like to work at W.AG.

What's your day-to-day work like?

My daily work consists of many different logistics tasks. Depending on where I am deployed, the tasks vary a bit. In manual shipping, I am responsible for the compilation of the deliveries, as well as the storage and the associated entry and exit of the goods. This includes the preparation of the shipment.

So I find the goods to be shipped out of the warehouse, pack them if necessary, book them out of the warehouse to avoid shortages and then pass them on for shipment.


When I take over the shipping process together with our dispatch manager, my job is to prepare and handle the shipment and the acceptance of the individual pallets.

I pick up the pallets with the forklift from the shelves and drive them to the shipping area, where they are then stacked. As soon as the forwarder arrives, I help with loading the truck or unload the delivered goods in our warehouse.

What do you particularly enjoy about your work?

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I particularly enjoy preparing the pallets for shipping. Here I work a lot with my colleagues, so it never gets boring and you always have something to laugh together. But most of all, I enjoy driving the forklift. Since I did the forklift licence only during my apprenticeship with the support of W.AG, I would not have expected it before my apprenticeship.

But all in all, it never gets boring because of the varied work, regardless of whether I work in manual shipping or in the forwarding process.

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What makes W.AG stand out?
Would you recommend an apprenticeship at W.AG?

In my opinion, what distinguishes W.AG is that its employees are supported in all possible situations. Be it training or internal things like employee clothing. The trainers are also very keen to support the trainees. This also means that I can contact my trainers at any time with questions and help them wherever I can. As I have noticed, all the last apprentices have been taken over, which shows me that W.AG trains for its own needs, which is why there is only one answer to the question whether I would recommend an apprenticeship. The answer is a clear YES!

What is your relationship with the trainers and the other trainees?

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Very good! I feel very comfortable in the training team and in the shipping department, and I get along very well with my colleagues. As already mentioned, I can contact my colleagues or trainers with any questions and get immediate support.

Also for questions concerning the trainees I have contact persons besides the trainers. The other trainees at W.AG help me at all times, be it questions or tasks. In the W.AG training team, no one is excluded. We are all a great team with the same goal of passing training successfully and with fun.

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