InInterview with Melanie Hartmann and Erik Krieger – Apprentices to become industrial clerk

Why did you apply to W. AG?

Melanie: I was told by several people at my school that W. AG was a very interesting company, and I did some research.

When friends told me that they had already worked at W. AG and were very satisfied with it, I decided to try my luck.

Erik: For me it was a little different than for Melanie. Since I come from a little further away, the W. AG was not a term for me at first. I came across W. AG by chance while searching for an apprenticeship position on the Internet.

The products and the amazing depth of production impressed me, so I took a tour of the company. After seeing all this, I knew I wanted to work here!




Which departments did you go through? What does your daily work involve?

Melanie: As Im about to finish my training, Ive gone through pretty much every department.
So far the following have been: sales, order processing, shipping, purchasing, secretarial, accounts payable and accounts receivable and at the moment I am in marketing.

Thanks to the many different departments, I was able to try everything out during my training and realized that my greatest interest is in marketing.

Here you can let your creativity run free every day and let yourself go wild with advertisements or projects.

Erik: Yes, I can only join Melanie. I too am about to finish my training and have already been able to orient myself well thanks to the many operational departments. What surprised me was the fact that I enjoyed accounting the most. I never expected that before my training. For me, accounting has always been a dry issue.
However, after I was with us in accounting, I see the whole thing completely differently now. I was also integrated into the workflows very early and even got my own area of responsibility in accounts payable accounting, which I am still allowed to work independently. Here I am responsible for booking and preparing the payment of incoming invoices, as well as for other accounting activities related to the processing of incoming invoices.




What do you particularly enjoy about your work?



Melanie: I particularly enjoy the many varied tasks that I get to work on every day.

Furthermore, I would say that I especially enjoy working with the other trainees and my colleagues. No matter if young or old, everyone is friendly and helps you wherever possible.

Erik: Well, if I think about it like that I would spontaneously say that I enjoy working independently.

I like to be responsible for my own area of responsibility in accounting. It is just a good feeling to know that you have mastered the tasks completely on your own.

What distinguishes W. AG? Would you recommend an apprenticeship at W. AG?

Melanie:  W. AG is probably best known for its broad product portfolio, which gives you a lot of insight into the most diverse industries. For us trainees, the whole support from W. AG and the various events during the training period is also a big plus. For example, we do an apprentice trip every year with the training team and as an example of support I would add all the external courses that deepen and repeat the school material.

I would definitely recommend W. AG! If you are enthusiastic about a wide variety of topics, like to take on responsibility and value flat hierarchies and thus easy handling in everyday work, you are in the right place here.
Erik: I totally agree with Melanie. I would add, however, that W. AG stands out for its joyful and harmonious co-operation and its family atmosphere. The strong involvement of trainees is not self-evident either. During the course of the apprenticeship, you are encouraged by many projects, which you can work on independently, in important skills such as independence and planning skills.

So I would also say referral to W. AG? Definitely!

What are your chances of taking over?


Melina: The chances of taking over at W.AG are great! I already received an offer one year before the end of my training, which of course I gladly accepted. My wish was to get into marketing and that’s exactly what I was offered.I had a conversation with our managing director, Mr. Bertram Göb, where I was able to say which departments I could imagine and he then told me what the plan was. My future task will be online marketing, i.e. everything related to social media. It couldn’t have been better for me.




Erik: Yes, Melanie is right that the acquisition opportunities at W. AG are great. I too was hired a year in advance and after a discussion with Mr. Göb, I too came to my desired department, the accounting department.

Here, I can continue to take over the area of responsibility for which I am already responsible. In addition, after my apprenticeship I still do the economics specialist IHK, where I am supported by W. AG. In my opinion, this also shows that it is important to train employees in the best possible way and to support you.