Interview with Michael Kramer – trainee as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology

Why did you apply to W.AG?

Before I started my training as a process mechanic, I had already trained as a retail merchant at another company and worked there for a few years. After some time I realised that this profession would not be fun for me in the future and so I looked around for alternatives.

Since W.AG is one of the largest employers in the region and thus also a bit more well-known in the area, I found out on the homepage which apprenticeships there are at W.AG. After some research, I had aroused my interest in plastics processing, which suited W.AG well.

When I talked to the commercial trainer at W.AG, it was clear to me that I wanted to start my apprenticeship here.

How would you describe W.AG as an employer?

For me, W.AG is an employer that attaches great importance to its employees. We trainees are very well supported and promoted, be it in the company or also by supplementary courses for the school. Unlike in other companies, W.AG is also directly involved in everyday work, because you learn more in practice than just watching.

It is immediately noticeable that at W.AG a great deal of importance is attached to training and that the aim is to prepare the trainees for the world of work in the best possible way.



How is the team working together?

Very good! I feel very comfortable in the production and get along very well with my colleagues. Also the other apprentices in both commercial and commercial areas are great. Above all, one notices the good cooperation among colleagues when it comes to questions. Everyone takes time for one and helps you clarify your question. The same applies, of course, to trainers.

What were the highlights of your training?

In and of itself, I have to say that the whole training is a highlight for me. Since it is a completely different industry and therefore a different field of work than during my first apprenticeship, I learn many new and interesting things every day. For example, I find it very interesting to learn where and how the plastics are molded and what everything is molded for. So in everyday life you don’t really pay attention to it, but when you think about it like that, plastic can be found almost everywhere.


However, if I had to name a special event, I would take the apprentice ride, which took place right at the beginning of the training. Here you got to know all the trainees and all the trainers also outside the company and could have fun together with them. Above all, this strengthened the sense of “we” in the training team.

What distinguishes W.AG? Would you recommend an apprenticeship at W.AG?

What distinguishes W.AG for me is that it is a great togetherness. The company supports, as already mentioned, the employees in many things but also the employees support each other. In the event of errors, for example, we work together to avoid them, as a solution is found more quickly with several employees.

Would I recommend W.AG? I can only say “yes” to that. The overall package fits perfectly in my eyes, so I come to work with pleasure every day and am therefore motivated to deliver the best possible job.




What’s your day-to-day work like?


As a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology, you naturally work primarily with plastics, the properties of which you should be familiar with. You should have just as much knowledge about the injection moulding machines, but the necessary knowledge is obtained through the practice and the vocational school.

My daily work consists of setting up and dismantling the machines. This means that I change the injection moulding tools that are needed for the respective job. Here, the cooling hoses must be connected and configured in order to produce the final product optimally after fine-tuning of the machine. Another important task is to change the colour in order to produce the case in the colour desired by the customer.

When the machine is set up optimally and the suitcase looks its best, you are satisfied with yourself and your work. Then you have done your job well