Foam inserts
for tools

Foam inserts for tools and tool cases are the masters of versatility. They offer protection and safety during transport, reduce the risk of injury when removing tools and keep the case more organised. Depending on the requirements, different types of foam may be suitable for manufacturing the insert:

  • Heavy tools require a particularly robust, stable hard foam.
  • Soft foam may be more advisable for light and fragile tools.

Foam inserts made of many materials at W.AG Funktion + Design

We offer you tool foam inserts for cases made of different materials and in various designs – tailored precisely to your needs and requirements. Also included: a wide range of customisation options, thanks to which you can make your (tool) case stand out even more from the competition.

What are foam inserts for tools?

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The polyethylene case inlays provide top solutions for the safe transport and optimum presentation of numerous parts and devices. Whether you choose the cross-linked, non-cross-linked or extruded version – all rigid foam inlays score points for their good sliding behaviour, chemical durability and electrical insulation. This makes these inserts suitable for various industries and parts. Depending on the version, the inlays can also be used in medicine or pharmacology.


  • Tool
  • Jewellery
  • Measuring instruments
  • Heavy objects
  • Transport of chemical substances
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What are foam inserts for tools suitable for?

Cases with an integrated foam organisation system are ideal for all tradespeople. Drill heads, hammers and spirit levels have a permanent place here, as do measuring instruments, ratchets etc. This means that tradesmen are ideally equipped for mobile use and always have all their important tools to hand. This also applies to particularly heavy equipment: even tools that weigh a lot can be held securely in position thanks to the sturdy hard foam.
In addition to craftsmen in mobile use, suppliers of tools also benefit from the high-quality foam inlays: in the B2B sector, the inlays enable optimum presentation and emphasise the quality of your products – piece by piece.

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What are foam inserts for tools not suitable for?

In theory, you can equip any tool case with our high-quality foam inserts. As you have the choice between PU soft foam and PE rigid foam, the inserts can be customised to almost any requirement profile. PU and PE foam only reach their limits when it comes to tool inserts, which must be resistant to solvents and should be regularly disinfected. In this case, it makes sense to choose a thermoformed plastic insert instead of a foam insert.

What types of foam inserts are available for tools?

We offer our foam for tool cases in various designs. This gives you the option of customising the properties of the tool insert to suit your specific requirements. Whether case inserts made of polyethylene foam or polyurethane foam are more suitable depends on the requirements:

  • Compressive strength
  • Temperature resistance
  • Flammability
  • Water repellency
  • Sound absorption
  • Impact resistance

What properties do PU and PE foam inserts have?

PU foam

  • harmless to health
  • Temperature-resistant at high temperatures
  • Shockproof
  • elastic
  • sound-absorbing

PE foam

  • harmless to health
  • Temperature-resistant at high and low temperatures
  • Shockproof
  • pressure-resistant
  • water-repellent
  • non-cross-linked, cross-linked or extruded foam

What colours of foam inserts are available for tools?

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We can also colour-match individual foam inserts. This ensures greater clarity, e.g. for multi-layered inserts, but can also enhance the signalling effect.


  • Basic equipment: grey and black inlays
  • Hard version made of PE foam: optionally available in the special colours red and blue
  • Foam alternatives made from renewable raw materials: black, white, red and green
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Can logos be embossed into foam inserts for tools?

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High-quality tool cases for daily work in the workshop, on the construction site or at the customer’s premises require a customised design – preferably your own. That’s why we offer you the option of having the foam inserts for your case engraved. We use laser engraving for this. The engraved logo emphasises the professionalism of your presentation many times over. Further labelling of the foam inlay is of course also possible. Numbered mouldings for spanners or drills as well as warning notices for electrical devices – decide for yourself what should be on your foam insert for tools.

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How sustainable are foam inlays for tools?

With us, you have the choice: you can have tool foam inlays made from conventional material or opt for the sustainable foam inlays from the ORGANICLINE. The conventional foam for tool cases is indestructible and scores highly in terms of maximum durability. This makes it a convincing choice when it comes to sustainability: the longer a tool case inlay can be used, the more resource-efficient and waste-avoiding it is.


The ORGANICLINE is even more sustainable: the foam inserts are made from renewable raw materials. Production is also particularly resource-efficient. At the same time, the sustainable foam is in no way inferior to conventional materials in terms of durability. There is even an extra advantage: the sustainable inserts for tool cases can be completely recycled.

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