Hard foam

Rigid foam inlays are among the most popular all-rounders among case inlays. They offer a wide range of applications, are easy to process and offer plenty of potential for customisation. They can be customised precisely to your individual requirements and wishes for the transport of tools and components or the high-quality presentation of exclusive goods. Find out here whether the robust and durable rigid foam inlays could also be the best choice for your case. For further information, please contact the inlay professionals at W.AG!

What are rigid foam inserts?

Rigid foam inlays are inlays for cases made of polyethylene (PE). Depending on the design, the inlays can be made from non-cross-linked, cross-linked or extruded PE and therefore have different properties. Typically, rigid foam inlays are used for the clear and safe storage of tools, measuring instruments or other products.

Hard foam inserts in many different designs

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  • Individually customised
  • Cutting by water jet, laser or milling
  • Different qualities
  • Optimum solutions depending on the application
  • With customised embossing & engraving
  • Production of sample inserts
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What are rigid foam inlays suitable for?

The polyethylene case inlays provide top solutions for the safe transport and optimum presentation of numerous parts and devices. Whether you choose the cross-linked, non-cross-linked or extruded version – all rigid foam inlays score points for their good sliding behaviour, chemical durability and electrical insulation. This makes these inserts suitable for various industries and parts. Depending on the version, the inlays can also be used in medicine or pharmacology.

  • Tools
  • Jewellery
  • Measuring instruments
  • Heavy objects
  • Transport of chemical substances


What are hard foam inserts not suitable for?

Hard foam inserts are less elastic. They are not resistant to solvents and therefore cannot be disinfected. Hard foam inserts are therefore less suitable for

  • fragile items,
  • products and goods with specific hygiene requirements.

What types of hard foam inserts are available?

Rigid foam inserts are available in three different versions at attractive prices: non-cross-linked PE: resistant to chemical substances, optimum shock absorption and resilience – ideal as a rigid foam insert for tooling cross-linked PE: highly resistant to light and temperature, moisture and dirt-repellent with a fine-pored surface – ideal for the presentation of high-priced goods extruded PE: particularly flexible, easy to punch and mill – ideal for fixing sensitive goods

What colours are hard foam inserts available in?

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You can order your individual hard foam inserts in different colours on request. Black and grey are among the classics – after all, they create an elegant and tidy impression. For a stronger signalling effect, we also offer red and blue foam. These are used either over large areas or as a contrasting coloured layer in multi-layer foam solutions.

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Can logos be embossed into hard foam inserts?

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Are you looking for customised hard foam inserts for tools, cameras or hardware? Thanks to laser engraving, we can apply a logo directly to the hard foam. This sets you apart from the competition and completes your stylish brand image. The PE foam can also be comprehensively labelled – for more order and clarity during storage or additional orientation for customers and users.

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How sustainable are rigid foam inserts?

Hard foam inserts for tool cases, presentation cases and other applications are particularly durable and robust. They are also available from us in conventional and sustainable ORGANICLINE versions.

We also develop these sustainable foam inserts for tools and other items to be customised to your needs. The difference lies in the raw materials used and the manufacturing process: the sustainable foams are made from renewable raw materials and produced in a particularly resource-efficient process. What’s more, the sustainable rigid foam inlays are completely recyclable.

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