The newly developed ORGANICLINE foam insert completes the ecological case solution from W.AG. As with our cases and boxes, the high-quality material ARBOBLEND® from Tecnaro serves as the raw material. It consists of up to 93 percent renewable raw materials: glucose, minerals, natural fibres and waxes. This enables us to conserve valuable petroleum resources.

Production: free from harmful substances

The new ORGANICLINE foam from W.AG is produced using an extrusion process. This production process is low in pollutants, requires no chemicals and forms a closed CO2 cycle – an important point when it comes to sustainability.

Also for high hygiene requirements

Even for the high demands of medical and laboratory technology companies, the sustainable ORGANICLINE foam is a very good and resource-saving alternative to previous foams. The product properties range from firm and sterile to water-repellent. This means that they are in no way inferior to conventional foams in terms of quality and reliability and can be processed on machines with identical settings.

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Many colours and processing

The sustainable foam is available in the colours black, white, green and red.

Processing like conventional foam

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The material of our ecological foam can be processed just as individually as conventional foams: by milling, water jet cutting, laser cutting, laser engraving and punching. This opens up an equally wide range of customised and environmentally friendly design options.


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Service life and recycling of sustainable foams

It goes without saying that our foam in the sustainable version has just as long a service life as the conventional material. When the foam is no longer needed, it can be disposed of and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner via the established collection systems.

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