3D printers –
for the fast
case production

With our 3D printers acquired in summer 2021, we can produce individual case models even faster than with the traditional injection moulding process, and in the usual high W.AG quality.

We manufacture for you in a shorter time:

  • Prototypes
  • Small series & special parts
  • Fixtures for screen printing
  • Thermoformed insoles
  • IML charging heads
  • Brackets / removal plates / functional parts Building services
  • Fasteners / tools
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How the 3D printers work

The principle of a 3D printer is very simple. To print, you need a file that contains a 3D model of the parts to be produced. This model is divided into many individual layers by a slicer (computer programme). This division enables the printer to build up the part to be produced layer by layer with the appropriate material.


The material is known as filament. This filament is basically nothing more than a thermoplastic (ABS, PLA, PP), which is used in wire form on a roll. For printing, the filament is heated in an extruder until it liquefies. This liquid thermoplastic is applied to the work plane by the extruder according to the layers of the 3D model. As soon as the material cools, it hardens quickly. The next layer is applied on top of a hardened layer. This slowly creates the image of the 3D model.

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