Plastic cases made by W.AG: Attractive case solutions for a variety of applications

Heavy duty cases with optional trolley systems, special cases for narrow products, cases with a particularly large printing surface and modern design-cases for advertising, promotion and presentation: As one of the leading manufacturers of plastic cases, W.AG Funktion + Design GmbH provides customers endless solutions. Each case model is available in various sizes, dimensions and colours and can be supplied with product-specific inlays made of profile foam or bespoke foam on request. The puristic and innovative TWIST case is an excellent branding instrument for numerous industries due to its large-sized advertising space and optional plastic locks with embossed logo – a superb presentation case. Regardless which packaging solution you may require – W.AG is always the right choice.

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W.AG’s flexible case universe

Since its founding in 1992, W.AG has continuously evolved and, in addition to the timeless classic and sales favourite TEKNO, has launched numerous additional cases. Each plastic case stands out through its design and individual features and inlays, representing a world of its own. In addition to the TEKNO case, our product lines JAZZ, HEAVY and TWIST can be perfectly tailored to your brand, both inside and out. Thus, the case shell can be custom designed, tailored precisely to the corporate design of your company using screen printing, pad printing, digital direct printing or in-mould labeling (IML), and the inside of the case made to measure with various inlays made of foam. We are open to special customer requirements and are happy to personally advise on your options.

Our sturdy cases are implemented as equipment cases for medical technology, as protective cases for measuring instruments and security industry, as tool cases in craftsmanship and industrial sectors, as moderation cases for education and IT and as industry-independent cases in advertising promotion and for presentation purposes. Currently we are developing case prototypes made of organic materials.

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Benefits at a glance

  • 1 Short lead times and fast delivery
  • 2 Prototype sample for review
  • 3 Personal on-site customer service
  • 4 Time efficient process with W.AG fullservice
  • 5 Corporate design-compliant configuration
  • 6 Individual case inserts that custom fits your items
  • 7 User-friendly handling accessories

Plastic cases "made in Germany": combine functionality with enhanced carrying comfort

When manufacturing our cases, we only use high quality plastics such as polypropylene so our case series remain free of harmful substances such as lead, cadmium and PAH and are able to be used for durable and impact resistant applications. In addition, we try to view our products through the eyes of our customers and engineer them as user-friendly as possible. For example, our heavy-duty case HEAVY is equipped with a soft TPE soft-touch handle, an optional trolley system for optimum transporting comfort and sturdy raised feet to ensure upright stability. In addition, similar to the smaller JAZZ the case provides the option of partitioning the space with dividers upon request. The plastic case TWIST, which is primarily used for advertising and presentations, can be supplemented with a carrying strap, a lid stay and an individually embossed company logo on the lock.

Case features in a nutshell

Although all our plastic cases are designed and equipped in accordance with personal customer wishes, they still have some common features:

  • Ergonomic handles
  • Tight latching locks
  • Sturdy case hinges
  • Stable and sturdy feet
  • Stacking cams or frames for safe stacking
  • Rounded edges

Plastic case production: a look behind the scenes

As a manufacturer of plastic cases, we use various production processes both for printing and the realization of our inlays. While screen printing and pad printing are used for implementing company logos, IML and digital printing, a new printing process, ensures brilliant photo quality and needle-sharp color contrasts. Our digital printing system enables small order productions. Even our foam insert production methods have kept up with the latest innovations – now we are able to deliver even faster due to our milling machine park and innovative laser cutting system. After all, laser cutting is a very fast and precise dry process that permits immediate continued processing and bonding of foam case inlays. The insert type determines the implemented processing techniques of water jet cutting and punching.

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